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The Journey

June 2008: Designating funds

In June 2008 we received a donation of £200 from a lady supporter. Having seen all the photos of the children she was keen that as many children as possible should have a school uniform.  As a result, 30 children received the only gift they had ever had.  A school uniform is a most prized possession in this impoverished region. The giving of these uniforms was marked with a ceremony and a games day.  The day was well attended by the local community and it raised everyone's spirits.

All the materials were bought locally and were made by local seamstresses.  This is what makes a difference in a downtrodden region.  Your money, and I mean every penny, going into the local community, giving encouragement that somewhere on the planet there are people who care.
You just say what's on your heart and together we will make it happen.  There is a box on the Standing Order where you can state how you want your donation spent.  Please note you can use this form for one off donations as well.

July 2008: Well digging

Local men were hired to dig a well for the School.  Without visiting this part of the world you cannot imagine the importance of this.  It was paid for out of your donations.  Thank you so very much.

We are now concentrating on a pump for the well.  This will cost a further £300.  Please, if you can, get involved.  It makes such a difference to the children and may be the cost of just one meal out for us in the UK.
1st July 2008: Website live


• Three more permanent classrooms were built.
• New roofs for all classrooms.
• The building of an assembly hall was started.
• Offices and staff rooms were completed.
• Water catchment equipment was installed to catch water from     roofs.


• Classrooms floors were concreted.
• The assembly hall was finished and roofed.
• The clinic was constructed.

• The orphanage building was leased.  It was decorated and the     orphans moved in.
• New classrooms were built, making a total of 11 classrooms.


• The orphanage building we rented soon because overcrowded.  The children moved up to the school, the girls staying in cramped conditions in an office; they boys using a classroom as temporary measures.
• We purchased a half-acre of land adjacent to the school for the purpose of building a vocational training wing.
• It soon became evident that the orphans had urgent need of a purpose-built, bespoke home, so we undertook a change of plan!
The new land was used to build an orphanage for the orphans we have with room for expansion.  Separate accommodation for boys and girls included sleeping area, showers and flush toilets, facilitated by four x 5,000 litre water tanks.
A small house for Risper, the Director, adjoins the orphanage.

December 2011

The orphans moved from their temporary accommodation in an office and a classroom, with much pride, in to their new orphanage building.


The primary school classrooms were upgraded, with walls plastered, floors screeded, windows glazed and new doors hung.
With the first intake of children now nearing the end of primary education, the first of 4 secondary school classrooms was built, together with a laboratory classroom, a requirement for secondary education.
A new, purpose-built and functional kitchen was built, which includes a grain store and a tuck shop for the children.
Twenty children coming to the end of primary education sat and passed the Kenya Primary Certificate of Education, the equivalent to the UK’s former 11+ exam.


With much excitement and delight these 20 children, 18 of whom are our orphans, took their first lessons in their new secondary school in January 2013.  Local children have been added to the number.  The total in Form 1 - the first secondary school class - is 29.

Our building programme is for one more secondary classroom per year for the next 3 years.  Then the secondary school will be complete.
Immediate needs are:
  • Desks with lockable lids for the secondary students.
  • Textbooks for the secondary students and teachers' textbooks for the secondary teachers.

If you are moved to and able to help fund these needs, please go to the support page for details of how to support.

2014, 2015, 2016 

A new Secondary classroom was built in the winter of each year up until the end of 2015.  These have provided the four classrooms required for secondary school education.  A science laboratory has been built for the senior school.  We are very grateful to the Education Department of Serco in N E Lincolnshire for providing a huge amount of materials to equip the laboratory.


At last, funds were available to build a 6ft perimeter wall around the school to provide security.  This is so important, especially as we have orphaned girls living on the premises.


Purchase of laptops computers.  Provision of an Internet hot spot in the heart of the school and training arranged so that the children can be taught IT in accordance with the curriculum.