The Olive Branch Foundation

... fighting poverty and corruption through education


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When you donate to the Olive Branch Foundation where does your money go?  If you have not already done so, please read the projects page. It will show you how the money is used.

All donated money goes to the project.  Nothing is taken out for expenses.
All administration tasks are carried out by volunteers; all promotional tasks are done by volunteers.  See the 'volunteers' page for details as to how you can help.
Your money does not go to shipping companies.  All materials are sourced locally, benefiting the wider community.
Your money does not go to corrupt officials. It goes directly into school funds.
Your money does not fuel apathy or a culture of begging. The children are taught in a way that breaks the cycle of apathy, begging and corruption.
Your money really does make a difference.
Download a Standing Order form here.
Stewardship has made an automatic 'giving' web site available to us. As can be seen, there is a facility for automatic Gift Aid, saving the giver and the Treasurer a whole load of hassle!
If you have been touched by the plight of these children and you'd like to see the work yourself, meet the children and even perhaps get involved, we'd be only too pleased to take you to the school and orphanage in Kenya so that you can see for yourself.
Email by clicking here if you'd like to know more. Thank you.
Again, please Register as a Supporter by adding your name to the mailing list by using the facility on the Home page.  Thank you.